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Specifically, this page addresses non-food products clearly used in households across the United States and Canada. These products were also used, of course, by businesses, schools, government offices, and other non-household entities. The “household” aka “personal” bottles category has been used by archaeologists – and collectors to some degree – for many years although the actual bottle types contained within the category varies significantly Herskovitz ; Berge ; Univ. In the end, there has never been total agreement on the categorization hierarchy of bottle types and probably never will be. The other typology pages e. This is because the “household” and “miscellaneous” categories are much wider ranging in diversity and lacking the tighter or narrower “theme” of the other major categories. Instead, this page will have specific bottle type introductions incorporated into the opening paragraphs within each given section listed. Click IGCo. Catalog to access the page that links to all the scans of this very useful catalog. Various household bottles are listed throughout this catalog including pages , , , ,

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Art Nouveau Brass Inkwell with single glass ink well, beautiful vintage A magnificent French antique Joan of Arc inkwell dating to the late 19th century.

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Antique inkwells are typically inkwells that were produced before the turn of the twentieth century. Inkwells were most commonly used during the seventeenth and early-nineteenth century, before the advent of the fountain pen. Brief history and description. Inkwells are small containers or jars that are used for storing ink in a convenient place for a person who is writing.

Clear Glass Antique Style Inkwell Cut Glass Vintage Reproduction Ink Well: : Home & Kitchen. Date First Available, Aug. 9 Manufacturer, MB.

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Antique Glass Inkwell

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This is the place to be for old ink bottles from the early s up to the s. Many of the bottles we have listed are strictly for the ink bottle collector. We also have a number of older ink bottles that still contain useable fountain pen inks which many fountain pen aficionados prefer over modern day inks. In addition to our selection of vintage ink bottles on this page, you’ll also find related items such as ink eraser fluids, rubber stamp inks and traveling ink bottle containers.

Inkwells” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Antique inkwells, Inkwell, Mulberry. Made from solid brass, would date to early 20th century. The lid hinge is.

In the s the United States Postal Service scrapped the use of dip pens and inkwells in all its branches and replaced them with new roller ball pens. This indicated one of the major and final steps in the global shift from a nib and ink based writing to ball-point pens. The oncoming change had been on the cards for about a century, since the appearance of the first practically usable fountain pen in the midth century.

However, even then most of the writing had to be done with steel nib straight pens dipped in inkwells. From the late Georgian period onwards — i. However, many inkwells were also made of ceramics, waterproof porcelain or glazed slipware pottery, stone, wood, metals and brass but also silver and gold and many other materials. Though it was more lucrative to sell silver inkwells and sell gold inkwells, production costs were higher, meaning these items were mainly purchased by the wealthy.

Among the widely collected inkwells are those dating from the 19th century. But many 18th century examples do appear on the market and they tend to be of a grander appearance. Some of the finest glass inkwells of the early 19th century were produced in blown three part moulds.

Inkwells – Antique

An inkwell is a small jar or container, often made of glass , porcelain , silver , brass , or pewter , used for holding ink in a place convenient for the person who is writing. The artist or writer dips the brush, quill , or dip pen into the inkwell as needed or uses the inkwell as the source for filling the reservoir of a fountain pen.

An inkwell usually has a lid to prevent contamination, evaporation, accidental spillage, and excessive exposure to air. A type known as the travelling inkwell was fitted with a secure, screw lid so a traveller could carry a supply of ink in their luggage without the risk of leakage.

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My husband collects fountain pens, but I used to teach calligraphy, so I just got really interested in them. You’ve got American ones, and you have European ones. You’ve got some inkwells from the Tiffany company. I noticed there are two of them here. I’m going to hit some today. Value can change: The value of an item is dependent upon many things, including the condition of the object itself, trends in the market for that kind of object, and the location where the item will be sold.

These are just some of the reasons why the answer to the question “What’s it worth? Note the date: Take note of the date the appraisal was recorded.

Antique and Vintage Inkwells

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Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Inkwells. Inkwells are as old as the written word. The first inkwells were probably just fist-sized stones with.

In ancient Egypt, a rich man would not write his own letters but would travel with a scribe who wrote his letters for him. The scribe used a crude pen that had to be dipped in ink; he carried it on a stone with a slight hollow. As more learned to write, the ink holders became fancier, and carved stones like jade or marble were used. Liquid ink, a mixture of the blackening and liquid, made a different type of inkwell necessary. A traveling man had a pen and ink in a leakproof container made of ceramic, glass, shells or later, metal or plastic.

The era of the inkwells that interests most collectors began in the 18th century. Elaborate ceramic containers to hold ink on a desk as part of a set in an inkstand were important accessories. Soon all inkwells were glass set in metal or other leakproof containers that could screw or clamp shut. It looks like a snail shell on a metal frame standing on a saucer. There are even twin snail holders. When the fountain pen was invented by Lewis Waterman in , the need for inkwells vanished.

Then, in , the ballpoint pen was made and few now use pen and ink.

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