How to Attract the Love of Your Life

Having never married, I have spent my entire adult life in dating mode. And now I have learned that I have been doing it all wrong. I was unaware I had been emasculating men when it came to matters of the heart. My success in a business environment depended on effectively honing attributes that are associated with men. Directing and taking the lead is rewarded and valued in a business setting. At times I was labeled bossy, aggressive and direct. In contrast, my male counterparts were not perceived in this way.

What’s Attractive IN Men is What’s Attractive TO Men

Is there a part of you that has given up hope of ever finding the love of your life? But, deep down, you secretly yearn for a committed, healthy, relationship with a man. A relationship that is so spectacular, you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with him?

Diva Dating TOOlkit Learn the mindset and the feminine tricks that got me the feminine energy | divine feminine | femininity | feminine woman | feminine.

So, I met this great gal on a project I was working on. We tossed several FB messages back and forth and then there was an exchange of numbers. I was near her neck of the woods and admitted that I was a bit out of my element. Luckily she said she knew a groovy place for us to meet. I get there a little early, grab a cocktail and within minutes she is joining me at the bar.

The conversation is exciting and she is hitting upon some invigorating topics. She lights up the room as she shares her take on all things vocational, spiritual and political. She is pretty darn smart, well grounded and opinionated. As the conversation goes deeper, so do the drinks, and before I know it she is ordering the 4th round. Then she suggests we do a shot on the next one! At first I was a bit surprised, but then I found it sexy. This gal is asking me to man up and keep up with her, so my male machismo kicks in and I throw back a double of Jameson.

We get into our careers and she talks about the success she has been having the past two years and the financial freedom it has given her.

Feminine Energy: How to Embrace It, Release It and Increase It

An alpha male can easily make your heart melt the minute you hear his voice and connect face-to-face. This is where your feminine energy and his masculine energy collide creating sexual chemistry. The reason these two energies work well together is that they are polar opposites.

These are examples of how you may be unknowingly be leading with your Masculine Energy in your dating life. In our minds, we’re caring.

When a woman possesses these traits, a man will naturally want to be more of a gentleman around her. Julie Ferman. Brooke Campbell. Wendy Whitmore. Cynthia Pickett. Amanda Patterson. We women are sensual beings — take time each day to pause for reflection or a short, sweet meditation.

How to Use Your Feminine Energy to Attract an Alpha Male

Photo by Shutterstock. Most of us probably have some sense of what it’s like to be around someone with a lot of feminine energy. But what exactly is feminine energy, and what does being feminine really mean? Here’s what you need to know about how to be more feminine and get in touch with your feminine side. Feminine energy refers to a specific set of traits, considered to be the opposite of traits associated with masculine energy.

Men tend to like soft, feminine women. their men in the early stages of dating, were considered more feminine and therefore more attractive.

Some believe that this dynamic helps to create a more stable home environment, while others argue that it makes society more unstable. And while the traditional boundaries of gender are becoming more fluid and ever-changing, why not just appreciate the softer nuances of feminine energy? Read on to learn more about how to harness the natural feminine energy that you uniquely experience and express. Just sit back and relax.

You can just order a Lyft! But think about it: high-quality men who have worked hard are very proud of their cars. They will do anything to jump in their car and pick up a beautiful woman. Let him! I once went on a date with a financial executive in West Hollywood. I enjoy learning about finance and wanted to pick his brain about building a portfolio. He shut his mouth, gulped, and looked at me blankly. I killed the attraction with my need to verbally spar.

We were probably incompatible, anyway….

2) Don’t Attach to an Outcome

Do you initiate contact via texting, facebook messages just to check what he’s doing, or follow up about when you’re going to meet again? Perhaps you find yourself “Waiting” for him, and don’t confirm plans with friends to keep your diary free “just in case”, and go even at short notice. Do you fall into the supporting counsellor role?

Masculine and feminine energies are not based on gender. Any person, male or female, can embody either energy. What’s most important to make the law of.

Did you know that you were born with both masculine and feminine qualities? The traditional view is that men are masculine and women are feminine. Popular culture on the other hand would like you to believe that male and female are born equal. As a Dating Coach I deal with this rather too often. The brain function between the male and female embryo is exactly the same. At 8 weeks however, the male foetus is flooded with testosterone that destroys all communication pathways between the left side of the brain responsible for processing language and the right side of the brain where emotion is processed.

Adding weight to the reason why women love communicating and sharing their feelings and why they are so good at it too!

Surrendering To The Masculine Energy

Click to see full answer. Moreover, how can dating keep feminine energy? Unlike your masculine energy strengths, you’re receptive, open and more passive relinquishing control.

It was the 90’s and most of my female classmates and I were wearing a combination of baggy jeans and flannel shirts, with our hair rarely washed.

It is incredibly inspiring to men and to all people, beyond what you can imagine right now. Unfortunately, most of us do not embrace our unique feminine energy. The question is what is feminine energy? Feminine energy is the energy of life within you. It is an energy of ever-changing flow. It responds to emotion in relationships and seeks to feel and experience love. Your feminine energy is similar to the energy of the ocean. The ocean is sometimes calm, sometimes wild. It is sometimes colder, sometimes warmer.

The ocean is sometimes unforgiving and life threatening, yet sometimes serene and peaceful. As a woman with a feminine essence, feminine energy is ideally free to flow all throughout your body. You cannot give off feminine energy if you have to constantly live through your masculine energy. You cannot embody your feminine energy if you have an unhealthy cycle of the repeatedly drawing upon your masculine energy in order to survive and earn a living.

You are masculine and you are feminine.

How to Be in Your Feminine Energy to Attract an Alpha Male