Jussie Smollett: Timeline of the actor’s alleged attack and arrest

Captain Robert Posey and Pfc. Lincoln Kirstein were the first through the small gap in the rubble blocking the ancient salt mine at Altausee, high in the Austrian Alps in as World War II drew to a close in May They walked past one sidechamber in the cool damp air and entered a second one, the flames of their lamps guiding the way. There, resting on empty cardboard boxes a foot off the ground, were eight panels of The Adoration of the Lamb by Jan van Eyck, considered one of the masterpieces of 15th-century European art. In one panel of the altarpiece, the Virgin Mary, wearing a crown of flowers, sits reading a book. Kirstein and Posey were two members of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives section of the Allies, a small corps of mostly middle-aged men and a few women who interrupted careers as historians, architects, museum curators and professors to mitigate combat damage. They found and recovered countless artworks stolen by the Nazis.

A Guide to What’s Fake in ‘Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story’

In this exclusive OZY confession, year-old former Hollywood cameraman Max Canard comes clean about his role in what could be the greatest hoax ever carried out: the Apollo moon landing. I first walked on the moon in the summer of — four full years ahead of Neil Armstrong. Of course, neither I nor the Apollo boys really set foot on the moon, but I suppose many of you suspected as much already.

This time frame is a bit different than prior season’s release dates: The first Rebeca was on a mission to help Samuel find out who the real killer is for him since she already knew he had faked his disappearance and was.

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11 largely forgotten UK sci-fi sitcoms

All rights reserved. A new scientific investigation funded by the Museum of the Bible has confirmed that all 16 fragments are modern forgeries. But now, the Washington, D. Officials unveiled the findings at an academic conference hosted by the museum. In a report spanning more than pages, a team of researchers led by art fraud investigator Colette Loll found that while the pieces are probably made of ancient leather, they were inked in modern times and modified to resemble real Dead Sea Scrolls.

Nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying.” “hoax attack” criminal case of “Empire” cast member Jussie Smollett.

Happy National Dog Day! Is ‘Selling Sunset’ Fake? Chrissy Teigen Questions if Agents are Real. The series premiered last year and is back with another round of terrifying true stories. Each episode of Haunted uses footage of a real person telling their loved ones an IRL ghost story sometimes involving demons, aliens, or a serial killer and intersperses it with cinematic reenactments of the harrowing events.

The chasm between fact and fiction is as smoky as Clarence the ghost in these tales, some or all of which may be tall tales. Or perhaps the storytellers in question are telling their truth.

Unwanted Visitors/Strange Sightings

There are books, pamphlets and websites claiming that the diary is a forgery, that it is written by people other than Anne Frank herself, and that it was partly written with a ballpoint pen. These are lies. Here are the most important facts about the diary. Over the years a number of people have tried to spread the claim that the diary of Anne Frank is a forgery.

The attacks on the authenticity of the diary need to be seen in a wider perspective. People who have claimed, or still claim, that the diary is not genuine have a political agenda.

What then is the status of a cast made after the artist ‘ s death? a deliberate fake of Giorgione ‘ s work, probably dating from the seventeenth century. which was in very limited supply and was consequently extensively imitated and faked. in bronze arise from the fact that artists normally rely on specialist foundries to.

Making funny sci-fi on a small-screen budget is tough enough without the additional pressure of having to attract viewers more traditionally down-to-earth in their sitcom tastes. Over the years, one or two stand-outs have managed to straddle the sci-fi and comedy TV worlds, but plenty more have stumbled in the attempt.

What lessons can new sci-fi comedies learn from eleven less-than-fondly remembered examples of the genre? Ad — content continues below. Of course you do travelling the stars to right various wrongs and chiefly succeeding in making a royal mess of things. The only Goodies star to recur was space-dog, Bimbo. The sitcom, which can be considered fiction about science rather than sci-fi proper, ran for two series in the early eighties longer than many on this list but ultimately failed to live up to its comedy pedigree.

How I Faked the Apollo Moon Landing

True Love or True Lies? If you’re already suffering withdrawal symptoms from the gripping second series of The Circle , then fear not, another reality show in which half the contestants are telling porkies is already under way. But as the show’s name suggests, only some of these couples are genuine. It’s the job of the real couples to suss out who the liars are, and it’s the fake couples’ jobs to convince everyone they’re madly in love. The best part is that us viewers can join in with the guessing games too, with the big reveal only happening after each elimination.

Throw in some first-class bants from the “world’s greatest living voiceover artist” Danny Dyer sample dialogue — “have they been spinning us all a bollocky yarn?

1. The Liberty Bell pre-dates the Revolution. · 2. What is written on the Bell? · 3. No one knows today when the Bell was cracked. · 4. The last big.

Looks like things are coming full circle. When Polo returns to school in season 3, his classmates know he’s a killer. So chances are, someone is getting revenge. Luckily for us here at OprahMag. I’m scared about that. It’s a very beautiful; it’s very emotional, and the characters go through really rough situations and times. But there’s a lot of love— not only between girlfriends and boyfriends, but also, friends. Elite was a runaway hit from the start.

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

For example, how did the Liberty Bell get its famous crack? Did it really ring on July 4, ? And where was the Bell hidden from the British? The Liberty Bell pre-dates the Revolution. The Pennsylvania Assembly had the Liberty Bell made in to mark the year anniversary of William Penn’s Charter of Privileges, which served as Pennsylvania’s original Constitution.

“But the fact is they’re all alone on the stage, making television magic,” he said, scene about the faked death of character Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). September, and ABC’s General Hospital has yet to announce a date.

Subscriber Account active since. From the outside, Bravo’s ” Real Housewives ” appears ultra-glam. There are luxurious trips, fancy cars, and designer clothes, all appearing among drama-packed feuds as well as silly, meme-worthy moments. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what exactly is real about the popular reality show. Are those phone calls happening in real time? Is the drama organic? These 17 strange, little-known facts prove that sometimes the truth behind the glamorous world of reality television is much stranger than fiction — and the lines between the two are often blurry.

Though the show has seen hundreds of wives in its iterations across the country, spanning from Beverly Hills and Orange County to New York and New Jersey, those aren’t the only wives on TV screens. International versions of the show, including “Real Housewives of Vancouver,” “Real Housewives of Athens,” and “Real Housewives of Israel,” are broadcast in their respective countries.

Celebrity Death Hoaxes: 48 Famous People Who Were Reported Dead… but Weren’t (Photos)

So EW is here to help, guiding you every single day to the things that should be on your radar. Check out our recommendations below, and click here to learn how you can stream our picks via your own voice-controlled smart-speaker Alexa, Google Home or podcast app Spotify, iTunes, Google Play. Remember back when trapped-group reality formats like Big Brother and Love Island seemed like crazy social experiments?

‘The Real Housewives’ franchise has continued to get bigger and the glamorous world of reality television is much stranger than fiction As the rest of the cast discussed fellow wife Alex McCord’s nude photos, Singer made her exit. Slade Smiley was known for dating multiple members of the “Real.

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Jael Del Pardo Interview – “Fact or Faked”